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Writing & Design

  • Top 6 Reasons Why Your Investment in AssetWorks Software Maintenance Matters (Blog)
    November 2018; A blog post written for AssetWorks IWMS. This piece was used in our monthly customer newsletter for November to maintain customer relations and increase awareness of how monthly maintenance costs help them.

  • Top 20 Quick & Easy Holiday Recipes (Blog)
    December 2018; A holiday themed blog post written for AssetWorks IWMS. This piece was used in our monthly customer newsletter for December to maintain customer relations.

  • One-to-One Marketing Plan: Content Strategy & Design (PDF)
    October 2017; My written portion of the comprehensive One-to-One marketing plan created for Schomp BMW as a part of my Master's degree program. This was created in the digital strategies course and I contributed both as part of the design team as the individual who finalized the 184-page book and as a lead of the content strategy team. The entirety of the report cannot be shared, but the Content Strategy section is my own written portion and relates to the overall persona for Richard, which is also included.

  • Mobile and Social Media Marketing Plan (SWF)
    March 2017; A comprehensive mobile and social media marketing plan created for Okizu as a part of my Master's degree program. I created the format in Adobe InDesign and edited the portions of content written by my teammate.

  • Brianne Sheridan (Website)
    October 2011 - Present; This is simply a link back to the homepage of this website, because I wrote all of the HTML and CSS from scratch to create this web resume for myself and I continue to maintain it by using my coding and design skills.

  • Evening Under the Stars Sponsorship Packets 2013-2015 (PDF)
    2013 - 2015; This includes the sponsorship packets for the 2013, 2014, and 2015 events. The 2013 version includes content updates and the 2014 and 2015 versions are updated with my new design.

  • Okizu Presentation Handout (PDF)
    August 2013; A double sided handout I wrote copy for and created using Adobe InDesign CS6 for presentations with potential donor organizations for distribution in hard copy.

  • Evening Under the Stars Invite (PDF)
    July 2013; An invite I created using Adobe InDesign CS6 for the 11th Annual Evening Under the Stars fundraiser for Okizu. Created for digital distribution.

  • Prop 30 Infographic (PDF)
    October 2012; An infographic gallery I created for PR Publications class designed to show students the importance of voting yes on Proposition 30 in the 2012 California Election.

  • Motion of the Notion (Website)
    September 2011 - Present; This is my primary blog and includes very recent pieces. It includes topics such as travel, opinion, politics, marketing and communications, but is ultimately unlimited.

  • California Medicaid (Medi-Cal) (Website)
    2014 - 2016; This links to the current California Medicaid website, which is the page the Publications Department created content for. Please see the Newsflash articles as well as the Bulletins, which include examples of the types of publications I was responsible for writing and editing during my time at Xerox. Unfortunately I am unable to share the pieces that I specifically worked on.

  • Okizu: Supporting families affected by childhood cancer (PDF)
    November 2013; A short piece about Okizu that I wrote for the Institute for Real Estate Management Sacramento Chapter's newsletter in order to introduce our organization to the IREM members.

  • Evening Under the Stars Auction Item Donation Letters (PDF)
    June 2013; This includes two letters. The first is the solicitation letter I wrote requesting auction item donations from various companies and the second is a thank you letter that I wrote to be sent out to those companies that actually chose to make a donation for our event.

  • L'Italia Avventure (Website)
    January 2013 - May 2013; Travel blog about my time studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy and my travels throughout Europe during the spring 2013 semester.

  • FOCUS Film Festival: Cultivating cooperation, education, inspiration (Website)
    September 2012; A feature story about FOCUS Film Festival published in Growing Up Chico magazine.

  • Opening Eyes to a New Perspective (PDF)
    July 2012; A feature story about FOCUS Film Festival published in Growing Up Chico magazine.

More writing samples are available upon request.